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Ruth has become my go to massage therapist.  She keeps my body loose and moving! When I tried to book a massage between trips this month, I found it challenging to sync my calendar with Ruth’s, so I decided to book with Dana whose hours recently expanded.Dana’s massage was wonderful. When I left my body was loose and moved easily. I felt like I was 40 again!

It’s so nice to know that there are two excellent massage therapists at Touch Of Serenity!Thank you, Dana!” – T.M. (5-star Yelp review)

The massage was great, relaxing, therapeutic…I typically ask for more pressure but not at all did I feel it necessary to do so. After leaving your place the pain was the same but as I kept moving throughout the rest of the day the pain eased up. I was able to work on a client the next day with no issues at all. Thank you for hearing how I was feeling and using your gift to help!” – D.S., LMBT
I appreciate you fitting me in today and for your healing touch. ❤️‍🩹  Never underestimate the space you hold for others. Blessings to you! 🙏🏻☀️” – J.M.
Wonderful experience; relaxing.” – M.S. (via Square)
I can turn my neck!!!! One session and definitely planning on more sessions…posting is under my son[‘s] name but I scheduled randomly. I was in so much pain I was crying on the phone. I feel so much better … thank God. I am terrible with names but she is light skin, small framed with locs.. that girl is amazing!!!” – C.B. (5-star review via Google about Dana)
Dana was fantastic! She made sure I was comfortable throughout the whole massage because I had mentioned some very sore spots ahead of time! You won’t be disappointed, book a massage with her!!” – L.K.
Ruth is the best!” – N.H. (via Square)
Second massage this morning. Best one ever. Noted hip flexers, left shoulder and right foot pain. Booked my third for the end of March. Thanks and see you next month.” – S.F.
I have been blessed to receive regular massages from Ruth (once a month) for the past several years. Each time I arrive Ruth checks in to see “What’s up” and to ask what I’m hoping for. Each month I look forward to the same thing… ‘to feel looser.’ My body is a pro at holding tension and Ruth is a pro at helping my muscles let it go! Ruth, I am so grateful for you, grateful for your skill as a massage therapist, and grateful that I have learned to appreciate the value of your art!! I used to believe that a massage was a luxury, I now see it as part of healthy living! I feel ‘looser’ in so many ways – physically is only one!” – T.M.
Just a really great experience all around.  Dana was so fantastic to talk to and really put me at ease.  The session progressed from one area to the next flawlessly. – J.S. (via Square)
I was completely pleased by Dana’s massage therapy last Saturday..a wonderful experience. – B.P. (via email)
My neck and shoulder are pain free now. I’m sincerely grateful for your skills and willingness to work me in this week. Thank you again! – N.F.
I feel so lucky I found your name online early this year.  Thank you for your careful care and support over the last several months.  You helped me have a smoother pregnancy and achieve the VBAC delivery I always wanted.” – N.D. (prenatal/induction client)
The experience was awesome. Thanks again.” – R.R. (via Square)
Hands down the best massage therapist in Greensboro.  The atmosphere is warm, welcoming, and relaxing.  Ruth’s touch is unparalleled and she truly is a master of her craft!”
 – M.W. (5-start reviews on Google and Yelp)
Thank you very much for the very prompt response to my gift certificate request!…Your testimonials speak to such a strong calling for your exceptionally important life affirming work.  Thank you for making this wonderful gift of healing possible for <my friend>, someone for whom this will be of great meaning and support, and who is such a gift to so many. – L.A. (via Square)
Without a doubt, the best massage I have ever received! Ruth is so professional, friendly, and knowledgeable. If you want relaxation, she will ensure that is what you get. She really works with you on problem areas and makes sure you leave feeling like you have relief. I can’t say enough wonderful things about Ruth and Touch of Serenity Massage Therapy!! You won’t regret booking with her, I promise!!” – L.K. (5-star Yelp Review)
Drive to Greensboro (it’s 18 miles from my house) and see Ruth at Touch of Serenity Massage Therapy!! Life changing. I’ll never go anywhere else.” – M.B. (prenatal client via FB post)
Ruth is both personable and knowledgable. She has been very helpful in working through my neck and upper back pains. I highly recommend her work!” – M.M.
Ruth has always been a great massage therapist. Knowledgeable with her services, polite and detailed oriented with her care.” – K.R.(via Square)
Wonderful, knowledgeable massage therapist who is passionate about her work. Listens and personalizes to your needs. Great experience and knowledge about our bodies. Best in Greensboro.” – J.A. (5-star Yelp Review)
Just wanted to let you know that I’ve been pain free since my massage on Monday! What a difference you made! Thank you!!!” – L.W.
Wow! I really appreciated Ruth’s professionalism and bed-side manner in addition to her great hands.  I left feeling fantastic!” – T.S.

I’ve had a headache almost every day for the last two months. I had never had a massage before and Ruth made the entire experience very comfortable. Since my first session with her, I have not had a headache. I am now a returning client to stay headache- and pain-free.” -A.R.

Best place to take care of entire muscles and body aches!”
-C.S. (via Square)

Ruth is always very professional and attentive to her clients needs! My time with her always lives up to her business brand ‘Touch of Serenity.'”
– P.H. (via Square)

Massage was amazing, very relaxing. Ruth is personable and easy to talk to.”
-J.H. (induction massage client via Square)

Ruth is absolutely amazing and my body appreciates her services. Working in healthcare I have had the need for plenty of massages, and have enjoyed them all. However, Ruth @ Touch of Serenity Massage Therapy knows exactly what I need even when I have no idea. She can read my body, and that is amazing when all you know is “I need a massage”!  So, in the stride to ensure I’m providing myself with the best care to promote self-care… I encourage myself to schedule biweekly and my body appreciates it!  Thanks Ruth for your service, respect, and time.”
– K.S.

Always, always a wonderful, relaxing experience.  Thank you, Ruth!!!”
– E.L. (via Square)

Professional atmosphere and service… Ruth knew spots I didn’t even realize needed attention… Thank you for always providing great service to support my muscles, as I continue to improve my lifestyle changes through my workout!”
– K.S. (via Square)

Ruth is amazing! She will do anything and everything she can to help you. She is great at what she does and a great person! Can’t recommend her enough!
– K.M. (5-star review on Google)

I’m so glad I found you two years ago (or maybe it’s been longer).  I always feel so good after my twice monthly massages! I’ve recommended you to several friends.  Happy 10th anniversary and best wishes for another 10 years.”
– B.L. (via email, client since 2018)

Best massage I’ve ever had!! Highly recommended!”
– C.C. (via FB)

Ruth is amazing. Beyond professional and accommodating, addressing my concerns and providing a massage exactly as we had discussed. Thank you!!!!”
-E.L. (via Square)

There are not enough ways to describe how amazing Ruth is but I will try. 10/10–and definitely something I will prioritize postpartum as well. This was my second pre-natal massage with her. My first was when I was pregnant with my now toddler and I was 34ish weeks. This time around I was only 25 weeks and it was still the best massage I’ve ever had. She is not only talented and knowledgeable but she is kind and nurturing. She’s following every single health protocol and takes cleanliness and sanitation very seriously. I also always ask her advice on being a mother because she is so wise and just plain comforting to talk with. I can’t wait for my induction massage closer to my due date!”
-M.B. (via Facebook Review)

[5-star Review on Google]”
– A.M.

Very delightful and relaxing !!! Thank you Ruth”
-P.H. (via Square)

Touch of Serenity. Her name is Ruth. She is amazing, fully vaccinated and has excellent Covid protocols.”
-M.W. (via NextDoor)

Ruth Spaulding! A Touch Of Serenity. She is amazing!”
-N.H (via NextDoor)

Great massage therapist.”
-M.S. (via Square)

Excellent customer service regarding the ease of getting a gift card”
-P.B. (via Square)

Touch of Serenity is the best practice in Greensboro!”
– P.W. (via Square, client since 2012)

Ruth is the best massage therapist. She is polite, professional and very thorough. She doesn’t try to rush you and is very informative.”
– K.R. (5-star review via Google)

I always leave Touch of Serenity feeling wonderful!! Ruth is a gifted massage therapist. She always finds and loosens my tight spots, releasing tension and leaving me with a deep sense of health and well being. I am so grateful and glad that I found her!!”
– T.M. (5-star review on Yelp)

Wow! I’ve never had a professional massage, and was kind of nervous going into it? Especially with COVID, but my worries were quickly diminished. Not only was the massage fantastic, but Ruth was extremely responsible with COVID regulations and cleanliness. About a year ago, I really hurt my shoulder and it has been causing me daily pain since. I’d seen chiro’s and ortho’s but this was what brought me the most relief. She also gave me a list of stretches and advice to try out at home! Overall, I’d highly recommend!”
– S.R. (5-star review on Yelp)

Nobody does trigger point therapy like you!”
– P.L. (client since 2012)

Ruth is always wonderful!”
– A. H. (via Square)

I just wanted to thank you again for today. I feel the best I have EVER felt after a massage. The addition of fascia work has elevated your craft to the next level!”
– D. B. (client since 2016 via text)

Ruth, your massages are a generous gift from your heart, your hands, and also your professional wisdom and knowledge. I can’t think of an area in which you don’t meet my needs for a therapeutic massage.  Namaste.”
– M.B. (via email with permission)

Ruth is very good at what she does! She provides a relaxing and comfortable environment. She also gave me tips on how to improve my posture to not be as tight in areas! Will definitely be going back :)”
– H.T. (5 star review via Google)

My massage was AMAZING!!”
– L.D. (via Square post COVID)

Professional, and just so sweet, too. Made me feel so comfortable and supported during my induction massage. Will be back soon!!”
– C.D. (Prenatal/Induction massage via Facebook)

Best massage I’ve ever had.”
– J.S (via Square post COVID)

I felt safe and well cared for by Ruth. Always delightful and enjoyable experience. So glad to be back!!!”
-P.H. (via Square post COVID re-opening)

It was the BEST massage I ever received!! I had been experiencing painful tightness in my left hip for about 3 months before I made an appointment with Ruth. I couldn’t imagine how a massage would ‘touch’ the tightness that was so deep in my hip I couldn’t even put a ‘finger’ on it. I was debating, “Do I need a chiropractor?” when I ran into an acquaintance who told me about Ruth, “Her hands are magic! She knows my body and always knows just what I need.” With this in mind I made an appointment, described my tightness as specifically as I could with Ruth, and received an amazing massage tailored specifically for me! I couldn’t believe how deep Ruth could move, how firm and gentle and patient she was. It’s been two weeks now and I’m still looser than I’ve been in months!! My next appointment is already scheduled!! I’ve discovered a gifted masseuse! Thank you, Ruth!”
– T.M (via website)

Ruth is an exceptional massage therapist. Came in bent over with back pain. I left standing straight up with no pain. Phenomenal!!

There are some massage therapist that just touch and it’s for the money and then there are those that heal when they touch and do the work to be of service. Ruth is a healer with a servants heart!”
– D.C., LMBT (via Square)

Just wanted to let you know that my jaw feels so much better! It’s the first time in awhile that I’ve been able to eat without much pain. Thank you for your expertise and care!
– A.C., TMJD client (via text)

Your website is wonderful. You offer so many types of massage, and the information about prenatal massage and massage for fertility is totally new information to me. Greensboro is lucky to have such a gifted specialist! My left knee is pretty lucky, too! At least, that’s the message it keeps giving me, Ruth.  I am so glad you had that cancellation!
– K.T., knee replacement client (via text)

The best.”
– J.K. (retired professional soccer player)

Very professional and wonderful! Ruth always makes me feel very relaxed and comfortable during the sessions, and I leave refreshed and feeling amazing!”
– N.N.

I was very satisfied.  My right knee feels so much better. Thank you so much…”
D. C.

Awesome Massage Therapist: Ruth has magical hands! She intuitively knows the exact amount of pressure to use on the areas where I was experiencing discomfort. After the session, my back felt aligned minus the chiropractor. The long standing knots and tension in my shoulder and neck is finally starting to subside. Thank you Ruth!!”
– J.H.

I feel wonderful”
– G. D.

If you are ever looking for a massage therapist, I cannot say enough good things about Ruth with Touch of Serenity. I was referred to her by my chiropractor, and she is the best!

I’ve had some good feel-good massages over the years. All well and good for relaxation…but my old (not so old!) body has aches it didn’t used to! 😉😉 Ruth does therapeutic massage and really listens to what the current issue is and focuses there. She is super knowledgeable about the spinal column, nerves, muscles, connective tissues, etc. I learn so much every time I see her.

So just last week I had a strained muscle in my hip flexor. It was super painful at times and had been going on for 1 week. She worked me in the next day and I just did 30 minute massage. She did some massage, pressure points and stretching in the area.  It was completely gone that day and hasn’t returned. I was amazed and I told her so!

The other thing I like is you can schedule a 30, 45 or 60 min. [or longer]. You can also book online. She is also a one-woman show and I love supporting female business owners in our community!”
– J.M.

Always a relaxing time releasing all the tensions of life!”
– P.H.

Your labor induction massage did work!…I wanted to say thank you and to let you know that your success rate is valid!”
– K.W. (induction massage client)

You can add me to your list of moms that went into labor within 24 hours of the induction massage. Started labor at 3pm yesterday and delivered at 3:42am this morning.”
-C.K. (induction massage client)

This was the best massage, not just prenatal, and compares to those I received when I lived in New York City.”
– A.L. (induction massage client)

Thank YOU for your ministry of helping us all feel better 🙏🌟🌈🌷”
– R.S.

Ruth is the best! Please reach out to her for any pregnancy related complications.”
– T.S. (5-star review via Google)

I’m very impressed with Ruth’s ability to pinpoint my problem in an instant and take care of the problem in a minimums [sic] amount of time.”
-M.v.S.(via website)

Always great!”
-E.B.(via Square)

I feel like a weight has been lifted from my shoulders!  Thank you so much!”

Ruth is a very gifted therapist. She understands bodies so well!”
– R.B. (5-star review via Square)

Ruth is a phenomenal massage therapist. She targets troubled areas and truly works the areas that need to be focused on if necessary or a tranquil, relaxing massage if you prefer! She is very adaptable to your specific needs.”
– K.D. (5-star review via Google)

I have had massages all over the world and Ruth offers one of the best massages I have ever had.  She has a great combination of strength to get into the deep tissue along with a level of compassion and caring that makes it clear that she is meant to perform massage and greatly cares for her clients.”
– W.S.

Every massage you make every one feel special, Ruth, because you are special. Thanks.”
-R.R. (via website)

My muscles aren’t tense anymore and I am relaxed! Ruth did a great job!”
-S.W. (via Square)

Ruth did an excellent job! This was my first time ever having a massage. I went in feeling so much tension and pain in my shoulder and left feeling so much better! She also explained the anatomy of my muscles, tendons etc in my shoulders/neck as she was massaging and let me know what it’s “job” is and how it works which was really helpful! Also gave me really good tips on how to sleep at night with my neck and shoulder being outta wack! Will definitely be back!”
-M.M. (5 star rating via Google My Business)

Ruth has her special way of removing tightness and tension from my shoulders. She is very Professional and Knowledgeable. I HIGHLY recommend Ruth.”
-C.P. (5 star rating via Facebook)

About 90% of my head pain was relieved after our last session!  I think we’re on a roll!!!!  Thank you so much!”
– M.D. via email

Great in every way and this is my consistent experience.”
-B.V. (5 star rating via Google My Business)

Because of Ruth’s magic, I was able to play 11 basketball games in 4 days and win a silver medal at the National Senior Games. She keeps my shoulder and back in good shape so that I can compete pain free. I find her to be professional, knowledgeable, and personable. My regular visits are therapeutic for both my body and my soul. I would (and do!) highly recommend Ruth and look forward eagerly to every session.”
– S.H. (via email and Facebook with 5 star rating)

Gift for my wife, so I can’t comment on any of these other attributes, but she was happy and I’m going to buy another gift certificate for her birthday. Thank you!!!”
– E.S. (Gift certificate purchase via Square)

– K.B. (via Square)

Ruth is wonderful! She listens to your body and works hard to make sure you leave feeling relieved. She creates an environment that makes you feel comfortable and relaxed. It is obvious that massage therapy is a passion of hers and she enjoys it very much. I will continue to recommend her!!”
– J.M. (via Facebook with 5 star rating)

My first professional massage and it was prenatal. I thoroughly enjoyed my experience and will be going back for induction or after my baby is born. Ms. Ruth explained everything to me before starting and ensured that I was comfortable during the process. Excellent service!”
– K.B. (via Facebook with 5 star rating)

It was great, I was treated with so much respect. Much more than just another client. She’s a great person.”
– M.S. (via Square)

Thank you again for squeezing me in on 4/20/17 for the induction massage. As you know, earlier that day my doctor told me it was unlikely I would be able to have the VBAC I was hoping for and started discussing planning a c-section for the following week. I had the massage at 4 pm with you that day and the following morning I went into labor about 8 am. It was a long weekend but I successfully had the VBAC without being induced on Sunday morning.

I really appreciate you making the time for me last minute and also the encouraging words. Having the opportunity to experience birth this way was really important to me and I do not think it would have happened for me without your support. Thank you!”
– J.J. (Induction massage client via email)

I am happy to report that I went into labor around 6 pm Thursday night. I was able to have a VBAC. So I’ve been telling everyone about you and sharing your contact info.”
– P.H. (Induction massage client via email)

Ruth is the best at what she does! Not only does she listen to your needs, she checks in with you through out the massage to make sure she is hitting the areas that need work. I have recommended Ruth to many people and our family goes to her…some on a monthly bases (sic)!”
– N.H. (via Facebook with 5 stars)

Ruth really made my pregnancy massage a relaxing and enjoyable one. She also kept me informed of the techniques she used as well as benefits of them. I highly recommend her and her services!”
– R.T. (via Facebook with 5 stars)

So wonderful and relaxing and knowledgeable about prenatal care. Ruth is also very sweet! I’m going to enjoy my sessions during this pregnancy each month!”
– N.W. (prenatal client who purchased a package after her first visit) [via Square]

Wonderful! Ruth left me feeling truly loosened up where I had been stiff and tight.”
– K.L. [hips and shoulders]

Thank You for a very RELAXING shoulder massage last week.  Your fingers just seem to glide over the affected muscles to relieve the tension.   Most other massages I have received in my past have been painful around my trigger points, BUT you know how to relieve my pain and tension with your technique and “Magic Fingers” with no pain.  I left in a total state of relaxation.  Ruth, You’re the Best.”
– C.P. (rotator cuff issues)

I love this place! Ruth is well educated and excellent at what she does. She makes me feel so comfortable during our sessions, which is not easy considering some joint issue I’m bringing to the table. I was diagnosed with MS this summer and have really appreciated how Ruth has addressed that in our sessions. I also feel her service is super affordable. If you are looking for a one time gift or a regular therapist- you need to check out Touch of Serenity! I love it!
– L.S. (via Facebook with 5 stars)

Knows what she is doing!!”
– M.R. (runner training for marathon)

It was a wonderful massage. Hopefully I start labor soon. Thank you!”
– A.R. (Induction Massage client)

Thank you  – it is much easier to walk now. Very glad to put away the muscle relaxers.”
– J.M.

Buying a gift certificate was super easy”

– J.C. (in California)

Great massage therapist! I was having very sharp pains in my glutes for a long time until I met Ruth. She has magic hands. She knows what she’s doing and is very knowledgeable. She gives great information for your problem areas. I highly recommend her!!”


Incredible service. Going the extra mile to get the gift certificate to me by dropping it off in the mailbox convinced me that Touch of Serenity will always be one of my first choices for gifts to others as well as to myself.”


I just wanted to let you know how good the massage was on Friday. There is nothing you have done which is not relaxing or helpful in releasing the tightness of knotted up areas. The upper neck and shoulders was wonderful, as was the stretching of the hamstrings and IT bands. I just wanted to say thanks. ”

-S.M (marathon runner)

My hips/bursa area is not stiff. My back is not stiff and I can breathe. My sinus is not congested. Thank you.”


…thank you so much for the incredible induction massage. Not only was it relaxing, it worked! I went into labor at 6pm yesterday evening and our baby girl was born this morning!! Holy cow! Thank you so much for fitting me in…! I’ll be in touch about another appointment soon!”

– T.C.

We fully enjoyed ourselves, the staff was very professional. The entire experience was one of a kind. We will be back!!”

– M.C. & Q.T. (Valentine’s couples massage)

Fabulous. Best thing I’ve done in a long time!”

– A.C.

You are a miracle worker!  I just wanted to send you a huge thank you! I had run a 9 mile run the weekend prior to my massage this past Tuesday and was SO worried given I experienced some major pain after my run and am nearing the end of my training for the Marine Corps Marathon. You helped work out some major tightness in my right calf which was most likely the culprit for my outside ankle pain. I still went into this past weekends 18.5 mile run planned a bit nervous but it went brilliantly! No pain, very little tightness and I am walking around fine today a day after. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU! :)”

– K.L.

Highly Recommended!  Ruth released years of tension built up in my back and neck with a one hour session. I, without a doubt, will be going back to visit her as soon as I can! Thank you so much!”

– J.A.M.

AWESOME — What a fabulous 2 hours of total Relaxation. The Massage and Foot Scrub combination was a wonderful experience. I highly recommend Ruth and Touch of Serenity.”

– C.P.

Ruth is a very competent and caring therapist who gets it.”

– R.R.

Great customized care.  AWESOME!”

– F.N.

Simply fantastic experience every time I’ve been to T.O.S massage! Ruth has changed my quality of life for the better by 100%.”

– R.R.

My husband and I have very different massage needs, and have never shared the same massage therapist, UNTIL RUTH — she does a fantastic job relieving pain and relaxing us both! We wish we had found her sooner, and we’re happy to share her from now on.”

— D.R.

I had my first appointment with Ruth [on] yesterday & I must say it was wonderful!! I have had a stressful month with so many things going on at work & with family. This stress was keeping me very tense & I was not sleeping well at all. After leaving her studio, I felt relaxed- mentally & physically. I love her personal approach, techniques, & the fact that you are treated like a “client”, not just a customer; as I have not been treated this way by other massage studios in the past. Also the ambiance of her studio is very calming to the mind & body. Thank you, Ruth, for a wonderful, calming experience!! I look forward to my next already-scheduled appointments with you!!”  And via Square feedback: “Ruth was great!! Ruth really did help me to relax and I felt great when I left. She was very professional. I scheduled five more appts with her for the next five months!!”

— D. C.

Experience was awesome. Wish I had come sooner!”

— A. R. (Prenatal Massage Client)

Ruth was very nice. She also relieved me of some rotatory cuff tightness and helped ease the pain of the “knot” in my back. I will be going back soon.”


  I went for my first massage therapy with Ruth. She is professional and calming. She provides all the necessary information ahead of time and gives opportunity for questions. Her office provides a very safe environment. Her skills are outstanding. She focuses her treatment based on your specific needs. I had a great experience and I will be going back soon. After the therapy, I felt fantastic. Thank you, Ruth, for a job well done!”


  Always a great experience Ruth is very caring and professional . I went to sleep it was so good.”


  After 2 stress filled weeks of moving, my body had decided…”that’s ENOUGH!” and I awoke with a debilitating neck pain, so much so that I could not lift my right arm nor turn my head to one side…IT WAS MISERABLE!!!…then I called Ruth…WOW! The responsiveness that she provided right from the beginning was amazing; she worked me into her already tight schedule and provided SO much relief. She listened to exactly what my issue was and really targeted my problem area, I left her office with minimal pain, ability to turn my head and lift my arm, a happy disposition and many helpful things that I could do over the weekend to help to continue to alleviate my pain, all of these were things that I didn’t have prior to my emergency visit to Ruth. I can’t thank her enough for her knowledge, responsiveness and most importantly her compassion….THANKS Ruth….YOU ARE THE BEST!”


  Ruth was incredibly professional, conscientious and caring. She took care of my several trouble spots – some that have been hurting for months. She also spent time showing me ways to exercise them to release the discomfort when I am not on her table! I would highly recommend her for all of your troubles or in case you just want a relaxing hour or so with Ruth.”


  I recently had the pleasure of meeting Ruth for an urgent after hours massage. After copious search for just the right person I believe I have found her. Thank You so much for relieving the trigger points throughout my body. I was able to cease all medication within days. You went above and beyond to accommodate me and your service was superior. Your kindness and warmth show through your hands.”


  I have never had a professional full body massage in my entire adult life, so naturally, I was apprehensive about what to expect. Ruth was very warm, welcoming and informative during my initial consultation. I was very stressed out when I came to Ruth, but after I received the one-hour massage, I truly felt like I was in heaven. Ruth has the right combination of gentleness and firmness and she just happens to having one of the most soothing voices that I have ever heard. Thank you Ruth! I highly recommend her services!”


  Had my first massage on Saturday Februray 1st…was having lower back pain and could not walk for long periods of time without it hurting. After leaving on Saturday I felt wonderful; went straight to sleep when I got home and took a long nap the next day. Also went shopping the next day and my back did not bother me at all. So excited for my next visit. Ruth is very friendly and used just the right amount of pressure.”


Thank you for an outstanding massage today which achieved the goals set and lowered my pain. [My wife] laughed at how disoriented I was and upon arriving home, I went to bed. The service you gave me was well worth the cost and I admire your skill. You are very professional and know how to give a person a touch of serenity…I look forward to our next time…”


This is an excellant [sic] place to get a massage. One of the best I have ever had!”


You are my new HERO.  I actually woke up this AM without having to hold my wrist and nothing popped.  Now don’t get me wrong it still hurts but nothing like it has been doing for the past week/half!!!  Whatever you attacked yesterday worked so I can only see it getting better!!  Thank you so much!”


Thank you SO much for my massage today! I feel so good! I’ve recommended you to all of my friends already! Can’t wait for my next one! It was wonderful to meet you!! Insure your hands! They are definitely worth a lot!! 🙂 ”

— K.D.

Ruth was very conscientious of my lower back problem and fibromyalgia. Pressure used was great. She answered my questions completely and was very friendly.”

— S.B.

Very professional. Worked on my problem areas with extra care. Gave attention to how my body responded and she responded accordingly. Very strong & smooth hands. A+++!”

— M.

Confident and firm pressure throughout the session.  Her confidence led me to accept a vigorous pressure — she was informed and capable – thank you.”

— M.K.

Do you have a story that you would like to share? Feel free to send it to us below. [Note: only initials will be used to protect client confidentiality.]


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